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PostSubject: guido ouhhgh   Sat Aug 02, 2014 12:45 am


The tutorial already covers this, but people manage to STILL FUCK THIS UP.

W: Move Forward
S: Move Backward
A: Strafe Left
D: Strafe Right
Space: Boost
Mouse: Turning, Pitch
Mouse 1: Use current main weapon
Mouse 2: Use current sub weapon
Mouse Wheel: Zoom in, out
F: Activate wonder bit (Only usable when meter is full)
Q: Toggle other main weapon (Held)
E: Toggle other sub weapon (Held)
Shift: Switches main or sub weapon by pressing mouse one or two
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6: Use respective item slot
Tab: Radar
Z, X, C, V: Opens voice command menu; Closed by pressing the same button twice or by sending a message. (These matter btw!)
Enter: Open chat, send message
Alt 0-9: Macro

Double tapping a direction key will make you dash in the specified direction. Cardinal dashes are possible. Double tapping and then holding will cause you to run. Both running and dashing can be modified by taking specific action carts.


Units have different movement speeds for different directions. To put it short, moving forward is the fastest, while moving backwards takes you nowhere fast. Sideways seems to move at mostly the same speed as forward. This affects dashing movement and flying.

protip: firing a weapon as an air and holding s counts as "moving backwards"


If two lands have 36 WLK, and one is attempting to kite the other by RUNNING BACKWARDS AND SHOOTING, the one RUNNING FORWARD will CATCH IT. This means at SOME POINT you will want to TURN AROUND and RUN FORWARD so you do not Moving backwards slows you down so much units several movement tiers below you can catch you. The only reason I'm even emphasizing this is because I see so many people die because they try running away backwards.


You wish this was a joke.

Water is going to be one of your worst nightmares consistently. When you fall in water, you;
1. Have to go through a much longer landing animation
2. Are forced to stay in that animation until it finishes, and then you can do things
3. Have your movement spend more than halved.
4. Have pretty much all of your movement inputs delayed intentionally.
5. Cannot run or dash.
6. Can have certain weapons screwed with depending on if they move you towards the ground. Weapons like Calamity Sword straight up refuse to function in water.
7. Even if you have quick swim, you'll still be moving at only about 70% of your run speed and you'll still be inable to dash anyways.
8. Basically sign a waiver saying you agree to be murdered by any melee or Aqua Run units that happen to be in that pool of water.

And that's just what I can think of off the top of my head. More nightmare scenarios;
1. You land in water. You start boosting upwards to get out, only to be stunned by an air, thus falling back in the water and having to endure the landing animation again.
2. You land in water. An enemy melee jumps in after you. You die.
3. You land in water. Every time you try to get out, an enemy intentionally knocks you back into it.
4. An enemy lands in water. You fly over him getting free shots off when someone else knocks you in with him. He mauls you viciously.

There are certain ways to deal with water. One would be getting Quick Swim. This allows you to expand your realm of operation into being both land and water. Terrifying for obvious reasons.

The other way is to get a unit with Aqua Run. This allows you to move on water the same way you do on land. It would be terrifying if not for the point that the third and best way to deal with water is to stay the fuck away with it.

Real talk, though. If you find yourself in water, cartsteps, IE weapons that send you moving a long distance are a good way to get out of Dodge. STOVLs work wonders as well. Too bad getting stunned for even a second in the middle of either of those will set your progress back to zero, so stay the fuck away from water.

These and water are basically your worst enemies in this game.

Cliffs are a pretty terrible two way street. Without short boost, float dash (link), or a STOVL, ascending them is slow. If you don't short boost, float dash, cartstep, or ledge cancel (link) them, descending them is tedious and also kind of slow.


Stun can be inflicted on your unit through various ways. The most common way is through damage. Depending on your TGH stat, a certain amount of damage will stun you. When your unit is stunned, it will momentarily flinch before regaining control. There are three levels of stun; Flinch, 180, and 360 stun. The best way to avoid stun is to simply not be hit in the first place. Other ways to be stunned is through certain status effects, usually inflicted by very specific units. Melee damage will also always stun you, so it kind of helps to not get hit by melee weapons. Being stunned means you stand still, meaning you take a bunch of more damage afterwards because you stood still.

The best ways to deal with stun are either to not get hit, or to get carts like tough runner, which makes certain small stuns not happen. The other way is to tune tgh since that's kind of the stat that has everything to do with damage reduction and stun but for some reason people can't make builds that get good mobility and tgh, so whatever. Guard carts are also a good way since they make you take less damage (except shell guard it sucks)
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