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 My stages that I made over quite a long course of the game

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PostSubject: My stages that I made over quite a long course of the game   Tue Apr 19, 2016 10:55 am

(Yes, I am copypasting my topic that I made on the original CBFF. Please do not hate)

So yeah, as the title says, this is about my maps and showcasing them and all that. Having made maps since late 2013, the craving for me to amke more maps never really stopped... until as of very recently. The maps are neatly organized in spoilers, for convenience. There's a few download links in the bottom. Enjoy selecting!

The showcased ones:

Beast And The Harlot:


Tunnels to Tunnels (not actual name):

Paratrooper Mission 1:

Night Skyway:

download links:

There was going to be a second showcase, but due to overall poor reception I decided to laze that out.

[download withheld for 7 days, so you gotta find the original topic for it]

Thanks for reading! If you want a tutorial for the Stage Editor, just ask. I'm always willing to help about that, because no one ever does.
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My stages that I made over quite a long course of the game
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